KISO RIVER UKAI (Cormorant Fishing)

Cormorant Fishing

Period offered June 1 to October 15

Cormorant fishing on the beautiful Kiso River.
Enjoy the different atmospheres evoked by the magnificent nature in the day and by fantastical night.

Overlooked by the national treasure Inuyama Castle rising above its banks, the beautiful Kiso River has been home to traditional cormorant fishing for 1300 years.
Scenes straight from a historical picture scroll will unfold before your eyes.Experience for yourself the wonderful skill of the cormorant masters surrounded by abundant nature.

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KISO RIVER YURAN (Pleasure Boat)

Pleasure Boat

Liner March 20 to October 17

Plan boat Occasional events

Pleasure boats offering seasonal scenery, and plan boats full of character.
Enjoy the kind of soothing relaxation and spectacular scenery only a boat can offer.

Take a river cruise that’s only offered from spring to autumn, and relax onboard while admiring seasonal scenery and the heroic magnificence of Inuyama Castle. Beneath the vast open sky, languid river time flows differently from normal.

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